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As a PMC Fulfillment partner, you will have access to all of our services, such as:

  • A huge selection of name brand products from the industry’s top manufacturers
  • Our top rated order fulfillment service, including access to any of our 10 strategically located, state-of-the-art distribution centers
  • Personalized, expert sales, marketing and technical support you need in today’s market
  • No fees
  • No minimum orders

Note that PMC sells exclusively to qualified resellers with state reseller tax IDs.  We do not sell to end users.

To become an Almo partner please submit the business application below.  We will contact you upon submittal.  But please, feel free to talk to one of our sales representatives today!

1. Download Application form below.

PMC Fulfillment Credit Application

2. Attach Sales Tax Exemption Documentation


3. Download and Register for ePayment

Like many of our dealers who use our ePayment process, you can easily and conveniently schedule payments without paper checks or postage stamps!

The process is simple - you can schedule payment of your invoices in one sitting, regardless of when they are due.  You can also set your account up to automatically schedule payment based on the terms of your invoice.  Either way, PMC will send you an email notification prior to electronically transferring the funds.

If you are interested in scheduling invoices to be paid electronically, please download and complete the ePayment Authorization Form and fax it to your credit representative at (215) 698-4070.

4. Submit Forms

Please send completed forms with attached sales tax exemption documentation to:

Fax to: (215) 554-6656

5. Approval

All applications are subject to approval.  You will be contacted by phone after we determine the status of your new account.

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