Services: Technology Support

At PMC, our IT investments in warehousing and distribution make doing business easier.  What does that mean for you?  Your products get from order to in-hand in 48 hours or less, you can view inventory, shipping and tracking data in real-time; you can even pay your invoices online.  Easier is better.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure
Our IT investments have put PMC years ahead of the competition.  Our infrastructure provides a fully automated process throughout the fulfillment cycle from a direct tie-in to your website or ordering system to delivery of redemption reports.  By linking your program into our infrastructure, you have access to program data at the click of a mouse.  We offer a variety of connection options ranging from online entry to EDI.  Plus your product and program data can be viewed 24/7 on our online portal.

Online Resources Designed to Help You Succeed
As your fulfillment partner, we provide the tools you need to market the products we distribute.  At PMC, you have access to a vast array of online resources including a comprehensive electronic toolkit with product images, specifications and data sheets plus advertising templates and customizable customer-facing materials.  Click again and you can access live inventory data, customize invoices, create electronic packing slips and monitor your automated redemption reports.  With PMC’s online resources, you’re armed and ready to drive more revenue.

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